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Hunt Cost 2019 - 2020 all $ USD

A 2 day 3 night FULL- RUT  Standard Javan Rusa  package  in  JULY & AUGUST -  1x1 : $3,900 -  2x1 :  $3,500 each -  3x1 :  $ 3,200 each.


A 2 day 3 night EARLY RUT  Standard Javan Rusa  package  in  JUNE - 1x1 :  $4,900 - 2x1 : $4,500 each - 3x1 :  $ 4,200 each all inclusive. 

A 2 day 3 night PRE RUT (over 155 SCI)  Javan Rusa package in MAY or JUNE - 1x1 :  $6,900 - 2x1 :  $5,900 all inclusive.


A 2 day 3 night PRE RUT Top 10 SCI  Special Javan  Rusa package in MAY - 1x1 : $8,900  all inclusive.

Anyone wanting to hunt an Extra special Top 5 SCI trophy or perhaps even looking for that New No. 1 :  P.O.A

There are no size restrictions on trophies on any of our hunts. Even in the EARLY & FULL RUT periods, hunters can harvest any size Stag that they see providing it is a fully mature animal. It is quite possible to find a Gold medal or even a top 10 stag in any given month.

A one day two  night 1x1 hunt for a Management stag. May-August $2,200 all inclusive. Trophies between 130 – 140 SCI 

Rifles and ammo are supplied for all of the above hunts and are free of charge. Trophy fees on other species are listed below.

Airport transfers to the hunting lodges are $400 per vehicle return trip or clients can hire a small vehicle from the airports and self-drive. Drive time to the Lodge is two hours.

Extra Days on top of packages can be added if wanting to go fishing or seeking additional species to hunt. -  1x1 :  $700,    2x1 :  $550  each   3x1  :   $400  each.  Travel days of 6 hours or more with no hunting conducted is $700 per vehicle with no day fees being applicable.


Farm fringe hunts for Samba are conducted over weekends. Pickup will be on a Friday Afternoon in Melbourne, Hunt all day Saturday and Sunday. Drop off at Airport or Motel after lunch on Monday. HUNT COST:  $2,000.  Trophy fee $1500 for first stag $1000 for a second.

Tented camp  hunt for Samba  in the Australian Alp’s: 6 days with 4 full days of hunting. Pickup and return to Melbourne. This is a hunt for big trophies. The success rate is very good but it is certainly not a guaranteed trophy. COST: $6,500 all inclusive with one trophy if successful. A second stag can be taken if time and opportunity allows for a $1,000 trophy fee.


Buffalo hunts in the Northern Territory vary in length but start with 4 days including 2 full days of hunting plus some hours either side depending on travel time. Pickup and return to Darwin. Cost is $6,900 1 x 1 or $6,500 each 2 x 1 and $5,900 each 3 x 1 hunting all inclusive with one trophy Bull Buffalo per hunter. Extra days can be added at the going rate. Our success rate is currently running at 100% . All extra days for Buffalo hunts are $1,200 per day 1 x 1 $900 each per day for 2 x 1 and $700 each 3 x 1 hunting. 

The hunt duration for most other species will depend on the area and the species sort. For rifle hunters, a minimum of two full days is normally required for the first trophy animal than add one day per additional trophy animal.   Observer rates are $300 per day.


All caping and skinning is free. Processing of trophies and shipment to taxidermist will be $150 per deer or Goat and $300 per Bovine.



TROPHY  FEES outside of above packages  $US


Axis                                 :         $ 3,000

Red Stag                        :         $ 4,000

Scrub Bull                      :         $ 3,000

Banteng                          :        $ 10,000

Alpine Goat                   :         $ 1,500

Hog Deer                        :        $ 4,500

Persian Fallow             :        $ 6,000

Camel                              :        $ 3,000

European Fallow         :        $ 1,900

Wild Boar                      :        $ 1000

Dingo                              :        $ 800

Moluccan Rusa             :        $ 2,500

Trophy Buffalo             :        $ 4,000

Management Buffalo  :        $ 1,800

Management Rusa      :        $ 1,200 - $1,800




Ranch hunts are offered in the South of the country for large Samba, Red, Fallow, Blackbuck &  Sheep trophies. Price - P.O.A 




Email  :  GREG  COYNE  :

We are currently taking bookings for the 2020-21 season...

Broadsound Safari's is based on the Central Queensland Coast of Australia.

Additional day fees for one hunter with one guide is $700 per day, all inclusive.

Additional day fees for two hunters with one guide is $550.00 per day, per hunter all inclusive

All observers are welcome at $300 per day.

Clients arrive the afternoon prior to their hunt and depart the morning after.

Trophy preparation and delivery to taxidermist to : All skinning and trophy preparation is free however, salting of hides and delivery to a taxidermist or shipping agent will attract extra charges.

We offer hunting from ground pits, hides & tree stands as well spot & stalk.

Deposit Policy :  Should a hunter is unable  to hunt with us in their allotted time frame either through sickness, bad health or any other reason after they have paid there deposit than there canl be no refund. However, there hunt  will be transferred to another suitable time frame either in the same year or the next season. We will endeavour to be as flexible and accommerdating as we are able.


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