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Hunt Costs for 2023


A 2 day 3 night Pre - RUT (Gold Medal) Rusa package for the month of MAY . 1x1 : $6,500 : 2x1 : $5,500 each.

A 2 day 3 night Early - RUT Rusa package for the month of JUNE. 1X1 : $5,500 : 2x1 : $4,500 each : 3X1 : $3,900 each.

A 2 day 3 night Full - RUT Rusa package for JULY to mid September. 1x1 : $4,500 : 2x1 : $3,500 each 3x1 : $3,300 : 4x1 : $3,100 each.


The different pricings generally reflect the quality of the capes. As the season progresses more and more damage usually occures

though this is not always the case as some stags do come into hard antler much later than others. Good replacement capes can

usually be purchased.


There are no size restrictions on trophies on any of our hunts. Hunters can harvest any size Stag that they see providing it is a fully mature

animal of at least 5 years old. We do pefer stags to reach 7 or 8 years of age to be at their very best. It is very possible to find a quality Gold

medal stag in any given month. Some of our very best trophies have been taken in the months of July and August.

Rifles and ammo are supplied free of charge for the Pre- rut hunts. Hunters are welcome to bring their own rifles on all other hunts,

however they can use ours at no charge if they so desire.

Airport transfers to the hunting lodge is available for international clients for $400 per vehicle return trip. Australian & New

Zealand clients can hire a small vehicle from the various airports and self-drive. Drive time to the Broadsound Lodge is 2.5 from

Rockhampton, 2 hours from Mackay and 3.5 from Proserpine and Airlie Beach.

Extra Days on top of packages can be added seeking additional species to hunt. - 1x1 : $700 2x1 : $500 each 3x1 : $400

each. Travel days of 6 hours or more with no hunting conducted is $700 per vehicle with no day fees being applicable.


Farm fringe hunts for Samba are conducted over weekends. Pickup will be on a Friday Afternoon in Melbourne, Hunt all

day Saturday and Sunday. Drop off at Airport or Motel after lunch on Monday. HUNT COST : $5,300 all inclusive. We have

had an 90% success rate to date. A second stag can be taken for $1,000 if the opportunity presents itself. Extra days can

sometimes be added @ $700 per day 1x1 hunting.

Tented camp - hunt for Sambar in the Australian Alp’s : We offer only one of these hunts per year in the month of

November. The hunt is 6 days in total with 4 full days of hunting. Some hours may be hunted on arrival or departure days.

Pickup and return to Melbourne. This is a hunt for big trophies. The hunt cost is $8,500 1x1 all inclusive with one trophy. A

trophy is not guarnteed however we currently have a 80% success rate on these hunts. A second stag can be taken if

time and opportunity allows for a $1,000 trophy fee. An extra 2 days of hunting will be added on for a 2x1 hunt at the same

price all inclusive.


The hunt duration for most other species will depend on the area and the species sort. For most hunters, a minimum of

two full days is normally required for the first trophy animal than add one day per additional trophy animal. Observer

rates are $250 per day.

All capping and skinning is free. Freezing of skins and Capes plus cleaning of skulls and shipment to a taxidermist will

be $200 per stag and $350 per Bovine working on skull mounts or standard shoulder mounts. This does not include

any salting, tanning or freight home costs.

TROPHY FEES outside of above packages


Alpine Goat :                              $ 1,500

Hog Deer (Ranch hunt) :        $4,500

Persian Fallow :                       $10,000

Dingo :                                        $500

Banteng :                                   $8,500

Red Stag :                                  $4,500

Rusa stag :                                $ 3,000 - $5000

Axis :                                          $2,500

Management Rusa :              $1,500 - $2,500

Management Axis :               $800 - $1,250


All of the Rusa that we hunt at BROADSOUND are free ranging. They are a herd animal so mobs of 300 or more

animals are not an uncommon site in the rut. You may see as many as 1,500 Rusa per day with 100 or more being

good quality trophy stags so having another hunter or two joining you is never a problem as the antlers come in

many different shapes and everyone has there own idea of what they like best.

On all of our Rusa hunts if you are only a single hunter we will endeavour to find another hunter to put with

you for a 2x1 hunt unless you state in the beginning that you wish to hunt alone.

Any lone wolf rifle hunters looking for a more affordable hunt can do so on a one day one night hunt from early July

through until late August for $3,500.

BOWHUNTING: A special daily rate for Rusa deer bow hunters is available for those who are prepared to sit in a blind

or tree stand over a lick and wait for a desirable stag to come into range. The daily rate will be $300 per day plus the

applicable trophy fee. These hunts can generally be concluded inside of one day though 2 or 3 days should be allowed

if one is very selective and wants to view a large number of mature stags. This type of hunt is offered from early May

through until the end of August.

Meat hunts are offed for one or more hunters. The rate is $100 per day per person with all meals and accommodation included.

Rusa hinds are $200 each and Chital does are $150 each. Young Rusa stags are $250 and young Chital stags are $200 each.

Banteng cows are $1,400 each. The hunters are expected to help with the skinning plus the breaking down and processing of all

meat. The total value of the hunt must be a minimum of $1,000 per day in total.


Broadsound Safaris is based on the Central Coast of Queensland in close proxcimertry to Hamilton Island, the Witt-

Sundays and of course the Great Barrier Reef as well as numerous other wonderful tourist destinations should visitors wish to go fishing or enjoy other activities in our fantastic part of the world.

A deposit of 30% of the anticipated cost of the whole hunt is required to book your dates for most hunts. A further 40% is

required 60 days before you hunt with the balance due on completion of your hunt. Other arrangements may be discussed if


All visitors must sign an endeminty waver form on arrival plus have insurance which covers them whilst hunting with

Broadsound Safaris which means they should be a current member of either SCI, ABA, ADA, SSAA or a similar

Europeen hunting & shooting organisation.

All visitors are advised to take out trip cancellation insurrance once they have book their hunt. For cancellsations more than

four months out from your hunt a refund of your deposit will be given less $1,000. For cancellsations less than four months out

from your hunt you will forfite your deposit. We will always endeavor to roll you over to another season however you will be

required to pay that years hunting costs if there is any change.

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